• Marketing Your Home with LRG

Marketing Your Home

To get the most money out of your sale, you must have an “Unbeatable” advertising and marketing plan.  Our goal is to attract as many buyers as possible and create as much demand as possible on every home we list.  LRG promotes your home to millions potential buyers each month through our regional and national advertising channels.

Marketing with LRG / Kw Realtor – What Set Us Apart From Other Agents

Here are just a few of our strategies:

Marketing with LRG

  • Research the market to identify potential buyers to target for direct mail.
  • Reach out to other real estate brokers and agents who work with buyers in your price range.
  • Take excellent photos or hire a professional photographer to showcase your home online.
  • List your home on the local Multiple Listing Service and make sure it receives maximum exposure on multiple websites.
  • Take a video of your home or produce a virtual tour with numerous photos so your home can be viewed in-depth by buyers looking online.

There are also hundreds of other websites, both big and small, that we utilize to showcase all of our listings on.

What we do for you, Step by Step:

1.) Dedicated Website
Beautiful websites serve the same purpose as incredible curb appeal: because first impressions matter.
“Dedicated website” is an actual web address specifically designed for the property. Most agents will list the home on MLS and perhaps even on their company website. However, few agents have the ability or desire to create a specific website just for your property. We do.

2.) Facebook Advertising
Odds are, you already have a Facebook page; as does your your neighbor, your family, and the person who is going to buy your house. So why not target that person using the same social media? Through a Facebook page, we can send potential buyers directly to your home’s dedicated webpage.
Facebook ads also allow us to target individuals due to their specific geographic location – which in turn allows us to create ads that target and mention those locations specifically.

3.) Staging
You’ve most likely heard of “staging” before. Maybe you have seen amazing pictures on television shows like “Flip That House.” Staging is an incredibly effective way to make your home stand out amongst others in a crowded market. Let us help you stage your home as effectively as possible.

4.) Interactive Floor Plans
Want to increase your home’s online views by 70%? So do we. That’s why we use Interactive Floor Plans on every home we list. Only 8% of all homes listed have Floorplans, meaning our listings are almost impossible to miss!