Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing is the latest trend. Homeowners are realizing that “living large” doesn’t always mean bigger is better. In fact, there are many benefits to downsizing to a smaller home. If you love saving money, energy, resources, and enjoy saving time on upkeep, downsizing might be the answer – here are 7 benefits of living a “cozy life”.

1. Save money on frivolous living:
Let’s face it, the more space you have, the more pressure you feel to fill every corner! One of the beauties of downsizing your home is the ability to stop wasting money on furniture, electronics, appliances, and home items that are used to fill space rather than to fulfill a function. Downsizing into a smaller home will you help you prioritize your life and only bring what is necessary in your home.

2. Enjoy the benefits of smaller living:
Many homeowners agree that living in a larger home means more to do. Cleaning, maintenance, furnishing, outdoor home upkeep and the cost to run all of these factors can be stressful. Downsizing your home can be the first step to a minimal and stream-lined life. You will be surprised how noticeable a reduction of your daily chores and maintenance actually is. Use your free time how you like – spending time with family, taking part in leisure activities, or just plain relaxing.

3. A smaller home often leads to a happier home
While your home lifestyle varies from your neighbors, many homeowners agree that smaller homes enable the family to bond and work together. Smaller floor plans create an environment where family members and roommates organize together and can compromise over living arrangements. Instead of cramped, think cozy. A smaller home isn’t a down-grade, it’s simply a way to GAIN MORE TIME.

4. Save energy when downsizing to a smaller abode:
Large homes mean high energy costs. From heating and cooling bills to water usage, it costs a lot to run a large home. Smaller homes will give you the added benefit of reducing you and your family’s carbon footprint. At the same time, you will enjoy a lower energy bill in the warmer and cooler months. If you are curious to find out how a smaller home and energy efficient appliances and systems could work in your home, contact your local home energy provider. They often can give you an audit of you current usage and estimate how you can save.

5. Down-sizing can free up your lifestyle for traveling
You may not have considered it before, but your house requires a lot of work when you leave town. Imagine the ease of leaving your apartment or condominium unit for a prolonged period of time, with no security systems, light monitoring systems, or outdoor upkeep to worry about!

6. Downsizing to a new home can help you open a new chapter
For many homeowners downsizing their home can be a new chapter. Whether you are an empty-nester who has older children who have moved out to those who have suffered from a death of a spouse or close roommate. Start a new life in a new home! Consider opting for a smaller home that with less upkeep and the possibility of a homeowners association that can maintain the grounds.

7. A paired down lifestyle will help keep you out of debt
While this won’t be true for every homeowner, paring down your small living lifestyle can help you from over spending, over charging, and over buying for your large home. A smaller home will help you keep on a budget and shopping sprees will be curbed because there isn’t enough space to house too many new additions! If you are trying to save money and keep your credit from going into the red, consider downsizing your home – your future will thank you for it.