• We Buy Homes

We Buy Houses

At Lrg Real Estate & Development we are Realtors who sell homes, and we also buy outdated property.

When we buy a property it solves a huge problem that many seniors and families face when they want to sell their property fast, but it needs upgrades or repairs ,they received it in a inheritances ,the home is vacant ,and when a senior is in transition.

If your home is in good condition, then selling to us is not usually your best option. Your strategy depends on your goals, the condition of your property and available resources.

We can help you compare the available options and sort out variables such as:

  • What your home is worth
  • Which repairs are worth it –  when you will likely get a price increase that is higher than the cost of repair
  • What to do when you cannot – or do not – want to clean out or do repairs to the property yourself

“As is” – “All Cash” offer:
Buyers have lots of choices.  In today’s market, only new homes or recently upgraded homes that are priced competitively sell quickly.  You may want to consider selling to us instead  if your home is in need of updates or repairs, or if cleaning it out is an obstacle.

When we are interested in buying, we tell you on the very first visit.  By letting you know if we are acting as a buyer or as a realtor, we avoid any potential conflict of interest.  Also, if you accept our offer, we insist that you are represented by an attorney.

The reason that the “All Cash” part is important is that we do not have to rely on bank financing for which the condition of the home is often an issue.  It also means that we can close within ten days of receiving a clear title

No Realty Commission:
When we act as direct buyers, there is no realty commission if you call us first.  That is very important.  If you have already listed your home with a realtor, then they are due their commission. We will waive our “buy side” commission, but they are still entitled to the “sell side”.

These days, most homes are sold with a 5% commission.  So when we buy without a commission it puts an additional $10,000-$20,000 into the sellers pocket for a home in the $200,000 – $400,000 range.  Be sure to call us before you list your home for sale.

No Clean-out required:
Moving can be a daunting task.   Your home contains a lifetime of possessions and memories.  It can take years to fill a home, but you don’t have to waste precious time to empty it. When we buy your property, you can “simply take what you want and walk away”.  We will handle the rest.

Summary of Advatages of Selling to Us:

  • No repairs required
  • No Realty Commission
  • No bank financing contingency
  • Fast close
  • Potential advance for deposits on new living location such as independent or Assisted Living
  • Relocation or buying assistance if relocating other than family
  • For Estate Administrators and Beneficiaries, quick access to value with no contingencies

Let us determine your available options.
Call Victor now at 781+801-0284 for a no obligation consultation
or email:mailto:Victor@lrgre.com