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Expert advice to help you find your ideal home

Looking to buy your dream home?

Whether you want to upsize or downsize, we can help you do just that! Buying a new home is an exciting time, and with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming. Take a step back and give us a call. We are committed to finding out what you really want and need. Our team will work hard to consolidate your options and uncover the perfect place for you. With all the right questions and all the right research, LRG real estate agents will work relentlessly to find that dream home!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I ready to buy a house financially, emotionally, and mentally?
  2. Is the location convenient for me, my job, and my family?
  3. Are my priorities based on personal fulfillment or investment purposes?
  4. What does my dream home look like?
  5. What aspects of my dream home are non-negotiable? What aspects can be sacrificed?

Get pre-approved with established lenders:

This can be accomplished in a 10 minute conversation with the following information prepared:

  • Residence – You will need the address, zip code and phone numbers for all the places you resided in for the last two years. Provide rental amount (if applicable) or mortgage, tax and insurance amounts if you own your current residence.
  • Personal – Provide names (first, last and middle initial), social security numbers and date of birth for all parties involved in the transaction. If married, provide the same information even if your spouse will not be party to the purchase.
  • Credit – Be prepared to discuss any unusual issues regarding your credit (judgments, liens, derogatory payment history).
  • Income – Get ready to discuss all sources of ongoing income. If employed, you will need business name, address, and phone number of employers and dates of employment for the last two years. Have your most recent 30 day pay stub available.
  • Tax Forms – Have the first page of your last two years’ IRS 1040 available. If you are Self Employed, you must have been so for at least two years. Any unusual deductions should be disclosed at this time.
  • Assets – Be able to provide the name of each repository and type of account (checking, savings, 401K, IRAQ, CD) along with approximate balances in each. All assets to be used should be in an account as soon as possible.
  • Down Payment & Closing Costs – How you plan to cover down payment and closing costs can be discussed during this phone call. This phone call and the information required are designed to make you feel at ease with the process. No commitment is expected nor is any pressure applied. Our goal is simply to help you make an informed decision when buying Real Estate and to provide your real estate agent the tools needed to make a successful offer.